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Protect your business with around-the-clock Base Coverage when your drones are not in the air. Then schedule Flight Liability Coverage on-demand and only when you need it.

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We offer two layers of coverage that work
together to provide comprehensive protection.

Layer 1

Add Base Coverage

Coverage for your business while not in the air.

  • 3rd-party liability
  • Premises liability
  • Personal and advertising injury
Select a quantity of drones you want to insure.

* DJI Phantom 4 Pro


Physical Damage Protection
  • Repair or replacement if drone is damaged or stolen when not in flight
  • Extends to protect your drone in flight when Flight Liability Coverage is added

* The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is used for example only. Actual rates may vary according to the manufacturer model, insured value, and amount of drones with Base Coverage.

* Monthly rate listed is based on coverage for 1 drone.

Layer 2

Add Flight Liability Coverage

Choose the amount of flight coverage when it's time to fly.

  • On-demand
  • $1-25M in flight liability coverage
  • As little as one day and up to a year
What do you plan to use the drone(s) for?
The drone usage selection shown is for example only and not limited to Aerial Imagery. The platform offers coverage options for additional types of usage.
See full list of usages covered
Set the Flight Liability Coverage amount.

The platform enables users to adjust Flight Liability Coverage amounts in $1,000,000 increments.

Set Flight Liability Coverage duration.
Custom date ranges are available in the actual application.
* The daily rates listed are based on Flight Liability Coverage for 1 drone.

Example Price Breakdown

Base Coverage

Physical Damage Not Added

Total: $84.00
Drone(s): 1
Duration: 12 Months

Flight Liability Coverage

Total: $224.40
Limits: $1,000,000
Duration: 1 Day
*The example rates generated are not a contract, binder, or agreement to extend insurance coverage, nor a representation that the example rates will apply to your specific situation. The example rates are based only on the limited information specified above, and are provided for informational purposes only. Actual rates may vary, be higher than the example rates shown above, and will be determined based on the specific characteristics of your risk based on the information you provide, including without limitation: information about your business, pilot(s), claims history, drone type, and specific coverage selections. To obtain actual rates, you must submit an application through

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Coverage Summary


Coverage for your business while your drones
are not in the air.

Starting at $7.07/month for first drone.
Paid monthly over 12 months.*

  • 3rd Party Liability and Property

  • Premises

  • Personal and Advertising Injury

  • Medical Expenses Coverage

  • Optional

    Physical Damage

    Add Physical Damage protection for
    an additional $3.11/month** per drone

*Example starting price is for Base Coverage only.

**Physical Damage Coverage prices vary depending on insured value of drones, sensors, and equipment.

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Choose the amount of Flight Coverage
and when you need it.

Flight Liability Coverage







1 Day

365 Days

*After Base Coverage is set up, you can access on-demand Flight Liability Coverage.


  • Sensor

  • Ground

*After Base Coverage is set up, you can add coverage on sensors and ground equipment.
Rates vary based on insured values.

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