Coverage in your environment for your customers APIs can integrate directly into your application or ecosystem.

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Commerical Drone Companies

Commercial drone companies

Optimize time and operational efficiency by managing fleet-wide coverage options.

Drone Traffic Management

Drone traffic management systems

Offer on-demand insurance products with annual, dynamic, and usage-based pricing.


Telecommunication companies

Provide opportunities to access insurance products through ecosystem channels.

Drone Pilot Networks

Drone pilot networks

Integrated on-demand flight liability coverage that scales with business needs.

Flight Software

Flight sofware companies

Provide a seamless user-controlled drone flight coverage experience to your users.


Retailers & networks

Include on-demand coverage options with the convenience of digital access points.

Coverage Consumer
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An insurance experience tailored to an industry addresses the unique risks and needs of commercial drone operations. After Base Coverage is set up, users can schedule up to $25 million in Flight Liability Coverage for days they’ll need to fly.

Insurance Experience Tailored Insurance Experience Tailored

Partner case study Drone Deploy

The leading cloud sofware plaform for drone mapping and 3D modeling

DroneDeploy wanted to bring a more integrated drone insurance solution to their customers. By leveraging the API inside the DroneDeploy environment, DroneDeploy is able to offer its users a seamless insurance experience.

Partner Case Study

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