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Science Company

Our Mission

We are an insurtech company building an insurance and risk platform for an autonomous and dynamic world. is powered by Acend Insurance Solutions, LLC, an insurance producer licensed in all 50 states, except New York (coming soon). The insurance products on this website will be available for sale and distribution through Acend Insurance Solutions, LLC.

Our Headquarter Office

Welcome to a great place to work…

Welcome to the Clocktower!

Our headquarter

The Team Behind


Christopher Dean | CEO

Co-Founder and former President of PrecisionHawk


Steve Rabbitt

Founder/CEO @ The Registry(sold to First American Financial (NYSE:FAF))


Jason Griswold

Founder @ Brown Aviation Lease SVP Sales @ Unicast Communications


Chris Ellis
Board Member/Investor

Managing Partner @ AvPro,Inc. (Largest corporate aircraft brokerage and acquisition firm worldwide)


Bert Roberts
Advisory Board/Investor

Former CEO/Chairman @ MCI


Will Newton | SVP/Product

Lead Product Manager @ Agencyport Software (sold to Apax Partners) Analyst @ Arbella Insurance Group

Insurance License Information

Agency Licensed as Acend Insurance Solutions, LLC

AK 100140617 Insurance Producer
AK 0100140617-SL Surplus Lines Broker
AL 781731 Business Entity Producer
AL 781731-SL Surplus Line Broker Agency
AR 100171990 Insurance Producer
AR 100171990-SL Surplus Lines Agency
AZ 1800016199 Insurance Producer
AZ 1800016199-SL Surplus Lines Broker
CA 0L70741 Non Resident Insurance Producer
CO 530232 Insurance Producer
CO 530232-SL Insurance Producer
CT 2549982 Insurance Producer
CT 2565481-SL Surplus Lines
DC 3000067609 Insurance Producer
DC 3000067609-SL Insurance Producer
DE 3000067558 Insurance Producer
DE 3000067558-SL Surplus Lines Broker
FL L100242 Agency
GA 193687 Principal Agency - Nonresident
HI 449991 Insurance Producer
HI 455574-SL Surplus Line Broker
IA 1002286840 Business Entity Producer
ID 606046 Non Resident Producer
IL 3000067608 Business Entity Producer
IN 3221060 Producer - Organization (Corp)
IN 3251613-SL Surplus Lines
KS 815055702-0 Agency
KY DOI-944833 Agent
KY 944833-SL Surplus Lines Broker
LA 722654 Producer Agency
LA 722654-SL Producer Agency
MA 2028635 Surplus Lines Broker
MA 2020059 Business Entity Producer
MD 3000067600 Insurance Producer
MD 3000067600-SL Surplus Lines Broker
ME AGN282575 NR Producer Business Entity
MI 111896 Non Resident Producer
MI 0111896-SL NON-Resident Surplus Lines
MN 40512448 Business Producer
MO 8399814 Business Entity Producer
MS 15031051 Insurance Producer Entity
MT 3000067586 Insurance Producer
MT 3000067586-SL Surplus Lines Producer
NC 815055702 Corporation
NC 815055702-SL Surplus Lines Business Entity
ND 3000067603 Insurance Producer
ND 3000067603-SL Surplus Lines Producer
NE 100263974 Agency
NE 100263974-SL Agency-Surplus Lines
NH 2362882 Insurance Producer
NH 2362882-SL Insurance Producer
NJ 1633918 Producer - Organization (Corp)
NJ 1633918-SL Producer - Organization (Corp)
NM 100015104 Firm
NV 3221013 Non Res Producer/Producer Firm
NV 3251601-SL Non Res Surplus Lines Broker
OH 1138696 Major Lines
OH 1152229-SL Surplus Lines
OK 100285148 Insurance Producer
OK 100285148-SL Surplus Lines Broker
OR 3000072533 Insurance Producer
OR 3000072533-SL Insurance Producer
PA 803987 NonResident Producer Agency
PA 816303-SL Non-resident Surplus Lines Agency
RI 3000067585 Insurance Producer
SC 211456 Agency
SD 10019480 Business Entity
TN 2358462 Business Entity Producer
TX 2175744 General Lines Agncy/Agnt
TX 2203507-SL Surplus Lines Agncy/Agnt
UT 606103 Non Resident Producer
UT 621705-SL Non Resident Surplus Lines Producer Organization
VA 141325 Insurance Producer
VA 141325-SL Surplus Lines Broker
VT 3221148 Non Res Prod Bus Entity
WA 944637 Insurance Producer
WA 944637-SL Surplus Line Broker
WI 3000067618 Intermediary Firm
WV 100237793 Business Entity
WY 331953 Non Resident Prod Firm
WY 342045-SL Non Res Surplus Lines Broker Firm

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