Drone Insurance Overview: Coverage Solutions For Growing Commercial Drone Businesses

Drone Insurance Overview: Coverage Solutions For Growing Commercial Drone Businesses

Stating today, Measure Ground Control users will have integrated access to DroneInsurance.com’s commercial drone insurance solutions. To learn more about how the integration works, check out this handy walkthrough prepared by the Measure team. 

Across the world, a growing number of drone teams are harnessing the benefits of drone technology to make operational workflows faster, safer and more cost effective. As part of a concerted effort to reduce business risk, the commercial drone industry has been progressively making drone insurance a core element of their operational checklist. 

But not all drone insurance solutions are created equal. Between coverages for physical damage, sensors & equipment, and flight liability, sometimes it’s easy to get mixed up. In order to effectively protect against the business and operational risks unique to your specific workflow, let’s take a deeper look at various coverage types available through DroneInsurance.com and the differences between them.

Base Coverage

The day-to-day operations of your commercial drone business can expose you to risks even when you’re not flying. That’s where Base Coverage comes in. It covers you from a slew of ground-based risks including:

  • Liability for personal and advertising injury, including various privacy-related claims
  • Liability for non-flight 3rd-party bodily injuries and property damage claims
  • Premises liability

Physical Damage Protection

As an optional add on, Physical Damage protection can be purchased to protect you from loss or damage to your drone itself.  When you purchase Physical Damage coverage with your Base Coverage, you’ll be protected from ground-based risks to your drone, such as in cases where your drone is stolen or damaged en route to a job. Then, when it’s time to fly, simply purchase Flight Liability Coverage, and your Physical Damage protection will automatically be extended to your drone while in flight.

Flight Liability Coverage

One of the most common misconceptions we’ve heard from some drone pilots is that they thought their drone operations are protected because their homeowners or CGL (commercial general liability) insurance policy extends to their drone. While some of these policies provide some coverage for drones, there are often important limitations.  For example, some of the policies only apply to recreational, rather than commercial use, and some have aviation exclusions that might exclude coverage while in flight. Drone operators flying drones for business need a specific coverage plan. 

DroneInsurance.com offers episodic flight liability coverage, giving drone teams of all sizes the flexibility to secure coverage only for the days they’re flying.

Sensors and Ground Equipment Coverage

Perhaps one of the most impactful coverage solutions for commercial drone business, Sensors and Ground Equipment Coverage protects operators from damage or loss to the sensors they rely on to conduct their business, be they traditional video cameras, or multispectral, infrared or LiDAR sensors, as well as equipment used on the ground to control or communicate with the drone. This coverage can be critical for commercial drone teams in agriculture, oil & gas, and energy, as the sensors used in these operations often cost more than the drone itself. 

If you’re ready to get started with insurance for your drone business, head to DroneInsurance.com to create your free account or reach out info@DroneInsurance.com to know more the risk management solutions available for your drone business.


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